Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby items to buy

Okay so I typed up this big long list of items I need to buy before the baby is born that we need to slowly start working on.  So look it over and let me know if you think there is something I am missing or something that is really not necessary.

·      Car seat (may already have)
·      Stroller
·      Highchair- booster seat (6 months)
·      Utensils and dishes, sippy cups (6 months)
·      Nursing bra, nursing pads (reusable)
·      Crib, mattress, sheets
·      Playpen, pack n play (optional)
·      Dresser
·      Rocker (optional)
·      Bassinet (may already have)
·      Toy box, toys, books
·      Cloth diapers ( 20-25 per size), wipes (cheap washcloths)
·      Towels, washcloths
·      Tub, soap, shampoo
·      Clothing- onesies, pjs, socks, sweater/jacket, cap- only few newborn items
·      Fingernail clippers, first aid kit- thermometer, nasal aspirator
·      Bibs
·      Bottles
·      Breast Pump
·      Laundry detergent
·      Blankets
·      Baby monitor
·      Safety gates, outlet covers, drawer and cabinet latches (6 months)
·      Swing or bouncer seat
·      Hiking carrier/carrier
·      Bike carrier (6months)

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  1. I believe you are missing the disposable diapers and baby wipes!!...