Thursday, October 21, 2010

14 weeks

On Monday we went to the midwife again.  We heard the heartbeat which was super fast and exciting.  Blood pressure is still really good.  For weight, I think I gained back that one pound that I had lost but that is it.  I also got my flu shot which actually hurt and made my arm sore.  At the next appointment we have a chance of screening for down syndrome but we aren't going to do that testing.  And I cannot believe that the big ultrasound is only six weeks away!  And no we will not be finding out the gender, we are waiting until the baby is actually born.  Which means we need to come up with two names which is kind of a an issue right now because Jeff won't really decide on anything. 

My bloat I think for the most part has gone away, my pooch that I have is just flab and everything inside begin pushed up and around to make room for the baby.  My clothes still fit for the most part.  My jeans are a little tight after I wash them but after a few wearings they loosen up.  I did for sure have to go get a new bra, and the size is a little shocking because I am use to my old, regular size.

Starting this week I am suppose to start gaining one pound a week, which seems like a lot to do.  Along with eating 300 extra calories, so in order to help this process I think I am going to start drinking protein shakes.  I think that should do the trick in a healthy way.  

I am feeling a little less worried since hearing the heartbeat and being into the second trimester.  I am ready to start actually showing, but I know that won't happen for a little while longer.  I am also ready to start gathering baby items bit by bit since it seems like we have a massive list of items to get before the baby is born.  And yes I made a list of everything I feel I need to get, let me know if you think there is a must have and I will make sure it is on the list.  

I am feeling a little less exhausted and the nausea is getting better, it still comes and goes but better overall.

So I plan to have more food posts coming soon, I have been really bad about taking pictures lately is the biggest issue.  But I will do better.

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  1. Threaten to name it either Richard or Erica. I think Jeff will finally give some input.