Friday, October 1, 2010

11 weeks

Not much change from last week, but when I try and suck in the flab I can only suck in about half.  So there is actually a little bump there under the bloat.  Nausea is getting better.  For food, the best thing to eat right now is anything cheese and disgusting items are anything meat. 
I am looking forward to getting out of the first trimester, hopefully it will ease some of my worry.
My jeans are starting to become tighter and tighter.  I am had to move my belt a notch down so my pants are not too tight, but in doing that I cannot get them situated right so they keep falling down.  I am thinking I need to make a trip this weekend for some new pants.  My bra still fits fine but it is getting to the point that it is about time for a new one also.  Acne is somewhat getting better, hopefully it will keep getting better as hormones aren't as crazy as I get further along. 
I have also been having to deal with a cold this week.  I haven't had a cold in over a year and it sucks.  I definitely think my immune system is a little weaker because of the pregnancy.  Last winter many cold went around at work and I didn't get one.  This is the first one this year and I got it.  Hopefully this is not how it will be all cold season.  And I think that is all for now.

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  1. That is definitely a baby bump! Glad you're feeling a little better nausea-wise; sorry you got a cold. I had one for 2 weeks recently. Have you seen the latest "Time" magazine? It has an interesting article about how important the time in-utero is to later health. Maybe you can read it online.