Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fry Day

Since we have inherited a very large turkey fryer from my dad, we decided to put it to use and fry everything.  Seriously, and it was awesome.

We fried : jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, zucchini, pickles, potatoes, sweet potatoes, kabocha squash, beets, mushrooms, green tomatoes, olives, corn fritters, macaroni and cheese, shrimp, chicken , bacon wrapped figs, bacon wrapped chicken, a meatball man, apricot fritters, pineapple, red banana, and oreos.

We also had many batters invovled and lots of beer.  There was also homemade ketchup, ranch and icing to dip items in.   It was a lot of fun, the food, company and beer were all great.  But the best was the fried oreos, if you ever have a chance to eat one, do it!  Seriously they were amazing, we dipped ours in cake batter.

The whole day was entirely unhealthy but it was worth it.  I won't be eating fried food for a while that is for sure.

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