Sunday, July 11, 2010


In case you have not heard about the show Archer, I am going to tell you about it now. 
Archer is a new animated show on FX, but you can also watch it on OnDemand or Hulu.  It is about a secret agent that works for a company his mom runs, and all the drama that goes into the job.  It is hilarious and entertaining.  Oh and my best friend Dominic M. (also known as my big brother) is an animator for the show.  Awesome? I think so. He started doing freelance stuff for them at the beginning of the first season and then it progressed into a full time job.  It is amazing that he is doing something that so many people can see and experience.  I am super proud of him, so I have to tell everyone to watch Archer.  The second season starts in January, so look out for it.  Oh an also look out for this image.
Because it will be in the new season, and it is an image of Dominic!  He said it will be sans beard, but still, it is awesome! 
So if you don't already watch Archer, do it.  And tell all your friends about it.

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