Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekly Updates

Things that happened this week that don't deserve their own post and are too long to tweet:

1. Leland constantly wants to listen to music.  As soon as we wake up he goes to the computer and requests music and it isn't just any music, he wants the Sesame Street channel on Pandora.  Needless to say we have compromises on how long we listen to that channel before switching it to another.  Or else I may start pulling my hair out.

2. Leland now thinks it is hilarious to tell me "no, no" when I ask for a kiss or hug.  For other people, he will give them willingly, he will also tell other people he loves them.  Maybe he is around me too often or maybe the attitude just beginning (isn't it still to early for that?).

3.  I am planning on avoiding the car for a week in June, so I am trying to bike more this week and the next few weeks to get in shape.  In other news, I am really sore.

4. We are slowly working on getting our garden ready for seeding.  Thankfully we did a lot of work last fall so we have minimal work this spring.  In other news, I am really sore.

5. Leland now knows and understands the word wine.  So whenever I get myself a glass of wine he has to point it out and shout wine.  Proud parent right here.

Have a wonderful weekend.  We plan to go on a hike, visit a liquor outlet store and I personally plan to have some alone time.

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