Monday, April 15, 2013

My issue with the park

The park and I have a love/hate relationship in my opinion.

It is great that Leland gets to be outside and I get a moment break of constantly entertaining him.

But there is sand involved and I really dislike sand.  Two things I dislike most about nature are sand and wind, which is why I don't care for the beach.

Back to the point, my real issue with the park are the parents.  I don't hover over Leland at the park.  If I am alone I read my book or if not I talk to a friend.

But every time I am at the park there are other moms that are constantly trying to figure out who Leland belongs to.  I know this because they say things out loud asking "Who's kid is this?", "Where is your mommy?", looking around for his parent when he runs past them, and I am just sitting on the bench enjoying myself staring them straight in the face.

I get it, they are just trying to make sure he has an adult with him, but they are so obnoxious about it.  Oh helicopter moms, you kill me.

This recent Huff Post article describes 10 parents you will meet at the park.  Helicopter mom is on the top of the list, another one I avoid is Superior mom and Competitive mom.  I am really bad about talking to parents at the park, because I don't want to find them anymore annoying that  I already do.

So I keep to my book and keep an eye on Leland.

Anyone else have an issue with the park?

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