Friday, November 30, 2012



Leland is obsessed with a couple of KidSongs DVDs that we have.  He brings them to me and then shakes his hips, which is his way of asking to watch one.  Then he sits there for 30 minutes without moving (which is a big deal for this kid) and watches it.  They also have many of the episodes online, which is awesome. 

The best thing about this is I remember watching these as a kid, so naturally I remember all the songs and sing along. 

Leland dances to them too.  The bottom photo shows him moving his head with a song. 
His favorite is the Circus one -well the part with the Dalmatians- he laughs every time he watches it.

While we still try and limit video time with him, I think it is great he likes these over a cartoon.  Especially since all they do is sing and dance.  

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