Sunday, November 25, 2012


I don't think I have discussed Leland's obsession.  In general it is all animals, but specifically it is the bison.  He says bison constantly throughout the day.  He has a book with the bison in it, a stuffed bison, and we recently found a bison ornament for the tree (and a bison figurine will be in his stocking this year).  I think it is cute because it is such a random animal to be obsessed with.

The obsession started once we went to the Nature and Science Museum.  They have dioramas of animals and Leland loves to run around them and look at all the animals.  For some reason the bison became his favorite.  Now when I ask if he wants to go to the museum he keeps saying "bii, bii" over and over again until we get there and see them.  Then he moves on to signing seal and making their noise.  While we walk around and see his other favorite animals (the bears, the seals, the moose) he randomly interjects a "bii" so we always make sure to see them again on our way out.  He also loves watching the video about bison and hearing their sound.  

We also have the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge and they have real bison!  We haven't seen them yet though.  Next weekend we have a wildlife tour scheduled so hopefully we will see some.  I can only imagine his excitement of seeing living bison.   

And every time we go to the zoo he asks to see the bison, and I have to keep repeating that there are not any at the zoo.  So Denver Zoo if you need a new animal to consider, consider the bison.  


  1. this is just HILARIOUS! bison! i love it!!

  2. I think this means he is going to be a CU Buff!!! ;)

  3. When you guys are back for Christmas, we will go to Jacomo and see the bison and elk!

  4. What a funny animal to love, but they are pretty cute. Kinda big and furry! Leland is a doll!