Thursday, July 12, 2012

Who does he look like?

 Who does he look like?

Mommy confession: I am tired of this question.

I don't know but to me he looks like Leland and acts like Leland.  He is his own person.  As a newborn I get it, he was this new being that no one really knew, including me.  But as he gets older it is becoming harder to distinguish where he gets his good looks from because guess what Jeff and I look alike.  We have been mistaken for brother and sister before, when we were still in high school and traveling.  We both are Germans have fair skin, blue eyes and light brown (used to be blond) hair, meaning our child is the same and it is hard to tell you where his blond hair came from when both sides of the family have it.

And he has his own personality now.  Maybe he gets some traits from me or Jeff (all the annoying ones are from Jeff of course), but does it really matter?  When is it normal to consider a toddler their own person and stop comparing them to everyone else?

What questions are you tired of people asking about your kid?

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  1. I am sick of being asked if she has red hair (by people who have heard about but never met/seen pictures of my daughter). Or if they have seen her they will ask "Do you think she is going to end up with red hair? (It's currently a reddish blond, but there isn't much of it to judge)"

    I'm a redhead, so this is a natural question, I guess. My husband and I both have red hair in the family, so we kind of took for granted that we'd have a straight up ginger. We were a little surprised when a baby with dark hair appeared in that hospital room! It's gotten lighter since then, but it's still not red the way mine was. I guess what bothers me is the implication that it somehow matters. Yes, I wanted my daughter to have my red hair. No, she doesn't - at least not my shade. But I don't want it to sound like a disappointment, because her hair is beautiful and she isn't me.