Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sign Explosion

Leland had a signing vocab explosion this week.  After many months of signing (we started around 6 months) and him slowly learning a few (he began doing them around 12 months I believe), he is now doing them like a champ.  All that hard work and determination has paid off.  Here are all the new signs he did this week.
Monday- Please
Tuesday- Monkey and More
Wednesday-Flower and Duck
Friday- Penguin and Baby

This puts the number of signs he knows to 20!  Apparently Momma needs to keep learning signs.  Even though he isn't talking ( he often says Mama and other sounds that sound like words but are not necessarily consistent) he is able to communicate what he wants often.  It is very helpful.  Glad I decided to do this, since apparently he isn't a talker. 

He understands almost everything I say to him or ask him to do, it is impressive.  I know I have said it before but watching someone grow is amazing.  It is no wonder parents think their children are brilliant. He is back to giving high fives, he gives hugs and kisses.  He is just a big sweetie. 

Leland has his 15 month check up on Friday. 
He weighs 22 lbs,
He is 30 inches long,
and as usual has a very large head.  He is being consistent with staying on the small side for weight and height with a large head for his size.  This is why he wasn't able to hold up his head properly until very close to 6 months. 

He is just too fun. 


  1. What a smarty! I wish we had done signing with Evie, but she's a talker (now that she has PE tubes) so taht helps us. I am sure we will do signing with any subsequent kids!

    1. That is the good thing about girls, they usually talk earlier.