Friday, July 6, 2012


At the girls house they have kid sized tables and chairs.  Leland is so obsessed with them, so I decided to get him his own set for home.  I may decide to paint it to match the dining room table.  Yeah we are in the process of painting our dining room table, finished photos to come. 
 I think it is safe to say he loves it.  He loves pushing it around the house and climbing on them.  If his food is on the non-messy side I let him eat at the table.  Do you see he has a new sippy cup?  He is all about the straws now, one day he just knew how to use it.  Crazy stuff.  He has already used the chair to climb onto the recliner.  He is too quick.  
I may have also gotten him a new toy, he really enjoys that too.

I just can't believe that this little boy is big enough for his own table... I feel like I get use to one accomplishment/milestone of his and he is already on the next.  Slow down Leland, slow down.

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  1. That table is adorable. I totally hear you about the straw cups-- it's so crazy how they learn that stuff so quickly.