Sunday, December 12, 2010


So we got our crib at the beginning of this week, and put it together on Friday night.  It ended up being a different one that I had originally planned to get because Target was out of that one and didn't know when they would get it in, so they canceled my order.  A little annoying but now that we have this crib and it is put together and I really love it, so it all worked out.  I found this crib on Amazon and the great thing about Amazon is that many of their items have free shipping.  So I think this crib ended up being cheaper than the other one.  And after reading many, many reviews this one reviewed the best among the cribs I was looking at. 
I was having such a hard time deciding on what crib to buy because I would find one that had good reviews overall but reading the low reviews would turn me off.  But this crib did not have the low review that turned me off, the low reviews consisted of people saying is scratched easily.  It seems like every crib I looked at this was a common complaint to I easily stopped caring about that aspect, because it is for a kid, it will get scratched to matter what. 

I tried to focus on other reviews, such as kids getting caught in the cribs and how high it was, etc. 
Then I found this crib and decided it was the best overall. So here it is.
I really like the color of the crib and that it is not super high.  I am short, so I don't need to be struggling to reach over the railing.  I felt like it was pretty easy to assemble, it took some time but there were not major catastrophes while putting it together.  Jeff was losing a little patience at some points, but I was actually the calm one.  And we didn't scratch it while putting it together.  It has three adjustable heights for the mattress, right now it is on the infant one.  It also comes with a toddler rail, so you can convert it to a toddler bed when needed. 
Now we just need to get the mattress and bedding, and many other items on the list. It is nice knowing this part is done.  I really couldn't imagine putting a crib together farther along, it is not very easy to get up off the floor many times in a hour as was needed. 


  1. Hey!
    I know about that!
    Please come here!

    Henry Stilley

  2. I find it hard to believe that Jeff was the one losing patience...but the crib looks good! mom