Friday, September 3, 2010

No Impact Experiment Week: Day 6

Day 6 in the No Impact Week long Experiment is about water.  

 Today I am suppose to look at my water consumption and see how I can reduce it to be more sustainable.  A part of this is also looking at the foods you eat, since some foods ( mainly meat) have a much higher water impact than other foods.  The other part is more obvious, looking at when you use water and how much is used.

A list of things to improve upon: taking shorter showers, using less water when rinsing dishes, turning the water off when I wash my hands, and adding a full water bottle to the toilet so it uses less water.

With our lease we are required to water the front lawn, I really wish this wasn't so because we wouldn't waste water on it when it is so hot outside that the grass burns anyway.  But we have to, so we water it about every other day at dusk so that the water will absorb rather than burning off.

But steps we have already made: always turning the water off when brushing our teeth, using the light load option on the dishwasher , reusing the same glass, never using bottled water by having a reusable water bottle. 

Any other suggestions on how to reduce water consumption?

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