Saturday, September 4, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

I am!  College football starts today and I could not be more excited.  Since going to K-State I am a Big 12 fan.  I will watch just about any college football game but I only really care and get into the Big 12 ones.  And Nebraska breaking up the Big 12, so what, I didn't care for them anyway. 

So today after work I am excited to go to a bar and watch the Wildcats.  I am decked out in purple today.

This was at last years K-State, Iowa State game at Arrowhead. 

Another reason to be excited about college football is that NFL games will soon start, like in a week! Which means I will be heading back to KC for the Monday Night Football game that the Chiefs are playing this year at Arrowhead.  I can hardly contain myself on how excited I am for this.  And it also means fall is on its way, my favorite season. 

So here is to football season!  Let's hope it is a good one!
The Chiefs game last year that was the day after the K-State game, yeah it was a lot of tailgating that weekend. 

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