Friday, September 3, 2010

No Impact Experiment Week: Day 5

Sorry I am a day behind on posting this but it happens.  Day 5 in this journey of No Impact Week is all about energy.  

In this step of reducing your impact and being more sustainable we can/should make lots of changes.  We watch TV fairly often.  That could be the biggest change we could make is just getting rid of cable and then we wouldn't watch it all the time.  I am just not there yet.  I have thought about it, we have both thought about it, we just haven't made the step yet.

But we have made steps to conserve more energy.  We don't use a microwave anymore.  Since we moved we didn't have one, so we just use our toaster oven when warming up leftovers.  That helps save energy.  We also use energy efficient bulbs.  We use the light wash on the dishwasher, which also helps save water.  We have our air conditioner set at 78 degrees and once winter hits the heater will probably be set around 68 degrees. 

One easy step we can do to use less energy is to unplug everything when we are not using it.  We only do this for the toaster oven right now.  But we should be better about doing it for the computer, lamps, cell phone chargers, everything else. 

The hardest part about reducing my energy consumption is convenience.  Pure laziness can stop me from being more proactive in this area.  But I just need to get over that and make the changes.  Make them apart of my daily routine and then it won't be that big of deal anymore. 

Any other tips on how to reduce your energy consumption?

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