Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gluten Challenge

With all these reports coming out about gluten and the many problems people are facing with it, I have been trying to reduce my consumption of gluten.  Just by being conscious about it has helped.
Now instead of buying regular bread we always buy sprouted grained breads, which are easier for your body to digest.

Also we have been trying out new pastas that are gluten free, such as quinoa pasta, rice and millet pasta.  All of the varieties we have tried so far have been pretty good, not the exact same but a good substitute.

When I plan our weekly meals I try to make sure at least one meal is completely gluten free.
I am also trying to do the same with dairy and added sugar.  All part of our eating better from now on.
Dairy isn't too bad, our main dairy consumption is from cheese and yogurt.  Milk is only used for cereal in the morning.

Added sugar is where I really need some work.  I have been better about not eating sweets that aren't fruit.  I just have to not bake as much or give it away when I do.  My only downfall is dark chocolate, which I justify by saying it is dark chocolate and not regular.

But this is all a journey and long process of trying to eat better overall.  

Happy Eating,

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