Friday, December 18, 2009


So on Tuesday, a day we both have off, we went to A-Basin to enjoy the slopes.

We both had a lot of fun since we haven't been to the slopes since Spring of 2005.  A very long time.

Jeff just went skiing like he usually does and he had fun going all the way to the top and perfecting his moves.

At the top.

I on the other hand decided to try out snowboarding.  I took lessons for a couple of hours in the morning and they went great.  I really like it! I enjoy it a lot more than snowboarding and can't wait to go again.  I did fall a lot but it was worth it.  I tended to fall mostly when I was going too fast and I didn't know how to slow down except to fall, haha.  I am still working on turns but I did go down my first green pretty well. 

We plan to go again on New Year's Day to Eldora, a slope a little closer to us.

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