Thursday, December 31, 2009

Old Age

I feel like we are slowly getting older, or we have always been like this and it is just getting worse.  Tonight on New Years Eve, I do not plan on staying up until midnight.  Jeff and I went to a very nice dinner at Il Posto, one of our favorite restaurants in Denver and we were home by 10pm.  Soon after this post is finished I will be heading to bed to get a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow we plan on going to Eldora to ski/board for the second time this season.  Hopefully it will be good, we have never been there before.

Recently we took a trip back to good ol' Lee's Summit.  We saw many people, all of our families and friends that were in town.  It was a little long and exhausting but good.  I was very happy to see Garozzo, my parents new kitten.  He is very sweet and cuddly and slept with me while I was there.

But it is very good to be back to our routine and our cats, MJ and Heath were very glad to see us.  They need lots of attention.

Good night, Happy  New Year,


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  1. You're not old if you can snowboard. Did you go to Eldora and how was it?