Saturday, April 23, 2011

Leo's First Few Days

I feel that there is so much that has happened since he was born and I am already having a hard time remembering everything.  But I will try to put some highlights from the past few days on here, it is crazy to think he is already 4 days old. 

He is a very calm and sleepy baby thus far.  It was some what of a challenge at first to make sure he was getting enough to eat because about five minutes into a feeding he would be passed out and it was really hard to wake him back up.  The only thing that works most of the time is changing his diaper, but then as soon as he starts feeding again he has the loudest farts, which always results in poop in a clean diaper.  Breast feeding for the most part has been going good, we had a rough first night at the hospital but all the nurses and lactation consultants were very helpful and supportive and got us on the right track. 

He loves skin to skin time.
He is such a cuddly baby and always sleep better if it is on us or near us.  We are borrowing a co-sleeper but it hasn't really been used since it is easier, he stays warmer and sleeps better when he sleeps between us on the bed. 

The kitties have been really good.  They every so often smell him but overall do not care too much.  Heath is a little upset that he does not get all of the attention now but he still gets plenty by force.

We have been having to learn how to not get peed on during a diaper change and make sure he doesn't pee out of a diaper.  If he gets really upset during a diaper change there is bound to be some pee flying.  One time he got very upset and started peeing and he was aiming straight up so it got all over his belly and face and head and about a foot over his head.  Jeff was very proud of his distance but Leo was pretty pissed about the pee on his face. 

When we left the hospital he had lost 7 ounces since birth and yesterday at his first check-up he had already gained back 4 ounces, so we know he is eating well!  The doctor said everything looks great and we go back next Friday for his 2 week appointment.  I am really hoping we get some chunks on this baby, because I think that is super cute.  After the appointment we had our first outing at Wahoo's Fish Tacos for lunch, and of course he slept the whole time. 

And we did a very small amount of tummy time.  Hopefully we will get to do it more once he wakes up for more than for a feeding.  He is already trying to hold his head up. 

He also sat in the swing a bit and immediately fell asleep. 

He enjoys looking at lights when he is awake. 

And Papa Richard and Grandma Patty have been able to spend time with Leo.

I know I am forgetting a lot but there are some highlights.

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