Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Impact Experiment Week: Day 3

Day three in the No Impact Week is all about transportation

Out of all the steps in being more green or sustainable this is the hardest for me to reform my actions.  I would be willing to take the bus but I get motion sickness so easily that it is not very feasible.  I would have to take Dramamine all day if I took the bus to work or class.  I did try to take the bus to class a couple of times and I thought I was going to puke everywhere by the end.

I have taken the light rail to class before when leaving from work since there is a station right next to work.  This still causes some queasy feelings but not nearly as intense as the bus.  I wish I could take the light rail to work, if there was a stop near me I would, but right now there is not.  Probably in about ten years or maybe a little less there will be one in the area.  But until then the closest station is the one near work,  7 miles away.  So I do plan on keep taking it to class, since parking on campus is not really an option. 

And I wish I knew someone to carpool with, but most of my coworkers live closer to work or on the the west side of town (the opposite side of where I live).  So because of all these reason (excuses) I drive to work everyday alone in my car.  My car does get fairly good gas mileage, around 30 mpg in the city.  And I try to be good about not using the air conditioner. 

I wish I could be better about this.  When I went to KSU, I was really good about it.  It was also a smaller town so walking to class and everywhere else was very easy to manage.  Once I get done with my masters we do plan on moving to a smaller town, possibly Fort Collins.  Where walking/biking would be easier than in Denver. 

As part of this day I am also suppose to be more active, I really need to do this.  I need to find a local group to become involved in.  I think part of my laziness is that I was very involved in the environmental group at KSU, like president my senior year involved.  And I am just still a little burned out, and I know that I cannot just commit half way.  I would be all in.  Maybe I can get involved in the group as UCD?  I definitely need to check them out. 

The last step for this day is to make a list of five things you are grateful for, so here it goes.
1. My husband
2. My family
3. Not having to worry about paying my bills, I am lucky enough that my husband and I both have jobs
4. My friends, even though I don't get to see all of them very much ( we live too far away!)
5. My education, I am lucky to be able to go back and get my masters

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  1. That stinks about getting motion sickness. That has to be so inconvenient in addition to uncomfortable!

    Love your list of things to be grateful for!