Monday, August 30, 2010

No Impact Experiment Week: Day 2

Day two in the experiment is all about trash.  And for today you are suppose to look at your trash bag and see how you can reduce the amount of that trash.  For us, this has actually been easier since we moved to a house.  We now have a compost pile so all of our food scraps have a new home.  This make our trash amount much smaller.  Before we were throwing away our food scraps. 

We are also fortunate that at our work where we purchase bulk items in plastic bags, you can take those bags back to be recycled.  I also put in other plastic bags/packaging in this mix.  Overall I should try and reduce packaging purchases which I have.  We rarely purchase boxed cereals, crackers, snacks, etc.  We are better about using bluk items or fresh fruits and veggies.  I do buy frozen fruit when the fresh stuff is not in season/high priced.  And I do buy a lot of canned tomatoes and dried pasta.  Those are the biggest purchases that contain packaging.  And most of the packaging in recyclable. 

We also rarely eat out, so leftovers are few and far between.  Which overall means less packaging.  And for leftovers at home we use reusable containers to store them in.  I am also recently gotten better about not using paper towels all the time.  We have cloth napkins for eating.  And old cloths/clothes for cleaning.  Jeff and I also each have a set off bamboo utensils to use when eating leftovers/meals at work. 

We still have work to do on this issue in sustainability but we have made some progress too. 

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