Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gardening and Father's Day

So last week over Father's Day weekend my dad and brother came out for a visit.  With them they brought an old patio set from the Stilleys.

It use to have cushions but the mold kind of took over and they had to be thrown out.  There was also some nasty mold all over the chairs but we went to a car wash and now they look much better. 

That weekend we also deep fried an 18lb heritage turkey and has some people over, but of course no photos were taken.  And as you can see in the photo above my dad went on a rampage around the yard and cleaned up the limbs.  They also took random metal parts in the yard out and took off the gaudy antenna on top of the house.  So it looks so much better now.

They also bought wood and set an area for the garden.

And as you can see it kind of takes up most of the yard, so we have lots of stuff to plant for next year. But this weekend we did add some more to the garden, before we just had 6 tomato plants and some basil and parsley.  
These are our new pepper plants, two hot ones and one sweet one.
An asparagus plant.  We put it in the bucket so we can take it with us whenever we move, since they last for awhile. And luckily this plant starts producing in its second year, so come next spring we will have fresh asparagus.
Some more herbs, oregano and thyme.
And here are the tomato plants.

Next spring we will break up the ground and add some compost to the soil is rich in nutrients and hopefully we can add some of our own compost since we made a compost area!
So while we were outside working this weekend on our garden, MJ was relaxing inside in the laundry basket.
And so I had to disturb her to take a picture.


  1. Like the changes to the page. :)

  2. Your dad & Matt did all that work in one day? Wow; wears me out just thinking about it! You & Jeff have done a lot of work too, sounds like. (Not MJ though.) Sorry about the mold we sent you. :-)